I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and congratulations to Guy De Smet, the visionary behind iTraceiT, and his dedicated team of programmers, sales professionals, and customer support specialists, expertly coordinated by Frederik Degryse.

Our journey with iTraceiT began in early 2019 when Guy De Smet first shared his revolutionary idea for a blockchain traceability application capable of meticulously tracking products from their origin right to the consumer’s hands. The mention of diamonds, particularly, struck a chord with us at EL-RAN. Our own story with traceability and authenticity began back in 2013, long before these concepts became a cornerstone of consumer trust and brand integrity in the luxury market.

It’s been an inspiring evolution to witness. From the moment we took on the role of early testers, we saw the potential in iTraceiT, not just for diamonds but for a vast array of products. However, our focus, dealing with complex and often intermingled melée diamonds, presented a unique challenge – a challenge that iTraceiT has met with unparalleled grace and efficiency.

Integrating our inventory software XSS via an API with iTraceiT has transformed our operations, unifying them into a seamless workflow. Our customers revel in the assurance that each diamond’s journey is meticulously documented and easily accessible. This assurance has not only bolstered our relationships with existing clients but has also been pivotal in establishing new connections.

It’s evident that iTraceiT is not merely a tool but a growing ecosystem within the diamond industry, fostering a market of responsibility and traceability. This ecosystem is attractive to brands and consumers alike who prioritize ethical sourcing, as underscored by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certification held by many of iTraceiT’s users.

The recent investments and partnerships iTraceiT has secured, notably with the Walloon government of Belgium and the collaboration with Logion for document legalization, are commendable milestones that underscore the trust and belief in this solution’s promise and potential.

In summary, the success of iTraceiT is a testament to the foresight, innovation, and hard work of Guy De Smet and his team. Their commitment to a transparent, reliable, and cost-effective traceability solution not only resonates with the G7’s standards but also sets a benchmark for ethical practices within the global diamond supply chain. I wholeheartedly believe that mining companies and broader market participants will greatly benefit from embracing the iTraceiT platform.

Here’s to iTraceiT, a beacon of innovation in the diamond industry. We keenly anticipate the next wave of advancements from this groundbreaking initiative.

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