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In an era where transparency is not just expected but demanded, EL-RAN stands as a beacon of integrity in the diamond industry. From the visionary leadership of Eyal Atzmon to the groundbreaking deployment of iTraceiT technology, EL-RAN embodies a relentless pursuit of traceability and ethical excellence. With an in-house gemological laboratory aligned with GIA and GGTL standards, a supply chain shaped by responsible practices, and the prestigious endorsements from Mazars, RJC, and BPP, EL-RAN is not merely navigating the future of sustainability — it is defining it. As we stand at the forefront of industry transformation, we invite you to journey with us toward a brighter, more accountable future where every gem’s story is as pure as its cut.


Pioneering Traceability: EL-RAN’s Journey of Ethical Transformation

In the landscape of the diamond industry, where sustainability and ethics are becoming the cornerstones of operations, EL-RAN has stood at the forefront, championing the cause of traceability. Since 2013, under the visionary leadership of founder Eyal Atzmon, EL-RAN has not just anticipated the shift toward responsible sourcing but has actively shaped its emergence.

The Early Vision (2013-2016)

Recognizing the impending need for transparent supply chains, EL-RAN embarked on an audit expedition to India, aiming to evaluate the feasibility of traceability within the diamond industry. In those times when such concepts were alien, EL-RAN, with its visionary gaze, was paving a path many had not considered.

Collaboration and Industry Engagement (2016-2019)

The journey was not one to be walked alone. EL-RAN reached out to suppliers with better infrastructure and a willingness to embrace change. The dialogue extended to Swiss watchmakers and French luxury brands, where EL-RAN’s initiative began to resonate. The echo of interest from these conversations validated EL-RAN’s foresight as more brands sought to understand the origins and narratives behind their diamonds.

Technological Innovation and Pioneering (2019)

In 2019, a transformative development in diamond traceability was set in motion, with EL-RAN at its testing forefront. Eyal Atzmon, leading by example, was among the first to conduct extensive pilot tests of the nascent iTraceiT application, developed by ITPlace’s Guy De Smet. His contributions were vital yet humble, offering nuanced feedback and engaging with luxury brands to refine the application’s capabilities. This collaborative effort was pivotal in maturing iTraceiT from an initial concept into a trusted, effective solution. Thus, EL-RAN enhanced its ability to provide a traceable journey for every stone, from the mine to the market.

iTraceiT Implementation and Impact

The deployment of iTraceiT within EL-RAN’s operations is not just a procedural enhancement—it’s a reflection of our unwavering pledge to traceability and ethical standards. A pivotal element in this process is our in-house gemological laboratory, established in 2014, which is a cornerstone of our quality assurance. This laboratory operates under stringent guidelines and is calibrated in alignment with the esteemed standards of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Gemmological Laboratory of Geneva (GGTL), ensuring that our assessment and certification process stands up to the most rigorous international benchmarks.

Our implementation strategy involved constructing the shortest possible supply chain, initiating as close to the source as possible with a De Beers Group’s Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight-holder who shares our vision for traceability and is proactive in its execution. This collaborative approach extends to our partner’s factory in India, which has been meticulously prepared to meet the comprehensive traceability requirements our luxury brand partners requested.

Through iTraceiT, we’ve established an unbroken chain of custody, tracking our naturally polished diamonds from their origins—whether from DTC, Canada, or other approved sources—through every phase of processing, sorting, and final quality control by our gemological experts. Our entire operation is a testament to EL-RAN’s commitment to detail-oriented and exhaustive traceability, allowing us to monitor and record every facet of our operation to meet the bespoke needs of our clients and the industry at large.

The robustness and integrity of EL-RAN’s traceability processes have been internally upheld and externally validated. Our commitment to excellence has been rigorously audited by Mazars from Switzerland, a testament to our operational transparency and adherence to best practices. As a result, EL-RAN has been honored with the highest note for traceability standards. Additional audits were done by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Best Practice Principles (BPP). This distinction is not limited to our operations alone but also extends to our partner’s factory in India, affirming our collective dedication to sustainable and ethical practices across our supply chain. This recognition clearly indicates our leadership in the industry and our relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of our work.

The Future of Traceability and EL-RAN’s Role

As the world anticipates regulatory changes from global leaders like the G7, EL-RAN stands ready, knowing well that the path of traceability is irreversible. The future of the diamond industry is etched with the principles of transparency and ethics, and EL-RAN is positioned not just to witness but to lead this change.

Call to Action

EL-RAN invites you to join this journey of transformation. Whether you are a brand seeking to ensure the integrity of your supply chain or a partner looking to embrace traceability, EL-RAN is your gateway to a sustainable future. Connect with us, and together, let’s set new standards for responsibility in the diamond industry.

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