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Championing Traceability and Ethical Sourcing in the Diamond Industry

Since he founded EL-RAN Diamonds decades ago in Antwerp, Belgium, Israeli-born Eyal Atzmon (EA) has been at the forefront of integrating traceability and ethical sourcing in his business model. In this exclusive interview, Atzmon discusses the significance of traceability for the industry, his journey with iTraceiT, and why it is s essential for the entire […]

L’odyssée éthique d’El-Ran : à l’avant-garde de la traçabilité des diamants, la recherche de l’excellence pour chaque pierre précieuse

À une époque où la transparence n’est pas seulement attendue, mais exigée, EL-RAN est un phare d’intégrité dans l’industrie du diamant. Du leadership visionnaire d’Eyal Atzmon au déploiement révolutionnaire de la technologie iTraceiT, EL-RAN incarne une quête incessante de traçabilité et d’excellence éthique. Avec un laboratoire de gemmologie interne conforme aux normes GIA et GGTL, […]

EL-RAN SmartBox(TM)

The SMARTBOX EL-RAN BV SINCE 1989 trademark was assigned an Application Number #018356096 – by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Trademark Application Number is a unique ID to identify the SMARTBOX EL-RAN BV SINCE 1989 mark in EUIPO. The SMARTBOX EL-RAN BV SINCE 1989 mark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products , Advertising, Business & Retail Services , Computer & Software Services & […]

EL-RAN is thrilled to announce our membership in the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030

EL-RAN is thrilled to announce our membership in the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI2030). This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability and ethical excellence in the diamond industry. Proud to join forces with industry leaders, we are committed to shaping a more responsible, transparent, and inclusive future.Together, we’re driving positive change […]

Celebrating Innovation and Ethical Traceability in the Diamond Industry with iTraceiT

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and congratulations to Guy De Smet, the visionary behind iTraceiT, and his dedicated team of programmers, sales professionals, and customer support specialists, expertly coordinated by Frederik Degryse. Our journey with iTraceiT began in early 2019 when Guy De Smet first shared his revolutionary idea for a blockchain […]