No we do not sell lab-grown diamonds.

Yes. We use the latest technologies to screen 100% of the natural diamonds that enter our office.

No. We apply the latest due diligence procedures and compliance requirements. We are working with transparent factories. This is all part of our highly developed traceability process.

No, but we create and make jewelry on request. We never recreate jewelry pieces, it’s only on request. Therefore what you get is unique.

We price our diamonds based on the market situation and always in favor of the customer. This is the major component of our success.

A user account is necessary to directly and easily request quotes through pre-established forms. Also, further information about each of our services can be found in the user account.

Yes. Customers are charged for the expert session, therefore, we must identify the customer before invoicing.

Yes, all shipments are  fully insured.

We do not control deliveries. The delivery planning and schedule are managed by our shipping company Malca-Amit.

You need to contact us by phone or email mentioning the order number that is communicated to you via email

No. We do not have a return policy. We have instead a correction (QC) and replace policy.