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Supplier Registration Form

Supplier Registration Form



supplier company information
Please indicate where your company is in the supply chain?
Is your company compliant with industry wide standards?
Has your company been Independently audited?
Are you ready to be audited by an external audit company?
Who is the responsible person for compliance in your company?
( Email and Phone number )
product source and origin
Are the diamonds you are supplying EL-RAN rough or polished?
Can you confirm from where your rough or polished diamonds are sourced? (the diamonds origin cannot be: "Unknown" or from Angola, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe , or Russia)
How are the rough diamonds sourced?
How are the polished diamonds sourced?
Do you get or collect any form of traceability?
Are you using an external traceability and blockchain application?
Select Application
Can you confirm that diamonds you supply EL-RAN originate from legitimate sources and have not been involved in funding conflict, in compliance with UN Resolutions and corresponding national laws?
Can you confirm that diamonds you supply EL-RAN adhere to the WDC SoW guidelines and have not been obtained in violation of applicable national laws and/or sanctions by the US Department of Treasury’s office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)?
Please list the percentage of diamonds you are supplying EL-RAN into the following categories:
Are the rough or polished diamonds you supply EL-RAN consolidated before export?
Do your suppliers of rough or polished diamonds provide information regarding their origin?
polices and due diligence management
Have you a “Responsible Diamond Sourcing Policy” in accordance to Annex 2 of OECD Guidence or De Beers BPP?
Is this responsible diamond sourcing policy publically available?
Do you require your suppliers to have no conflict diamonds?
Have you had your due diligence independently audited?
supplier risk assessment
Have you carried out a risk assessment on your suppliers aligned with the OECD Guidance or De Beers BPP?
Did you identify any ‘red flags’ as part of that risk assessment and if so what type of red flag have you identified?
Was the relationship with that particular business partner terminated?
Do you have company risk management assessments and procedures in place?
human rights
Do you have a written policy commitment on human rights consistent with UN Principles?
Do you have a written policy commitment on the 17 UN sustainable development goals?
Do you have procedures that assesses/mitigates all potential human rights violations for all companies in your group?
Do you have specific policies against child labour, forced labour and human rights trafficing?
EL-RAN is utilizing the iTraceiT blockchain application and prioritizing suppliers who can offer comprehensive traceability through the iTraceiT QR code
For additional details regarding iTraceiT, kindly consult the iTraceiT website at https://itraceit.io

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