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EL-RAN is Your Trusted Partner for Ethical, Quality, and Traceable Diamonds

In an industry where transparency and ethics are paramount, EL-RAN stands as a symbol of Quality, Responsibility, and Traceability.

Audited, Vetted, and Recognized

Our commitment to ethical diamond sourcing isn’t just talk; it’s proven. We’ve aced multiple audits, including the DTC BPP, RJC, and Mazars (traceability). Our JV factory in Surat, India, and our new Swiss office have also passed these rigorous audits with flying colors, receiving high marks for traceability and sustainability.

Pioneers in Traceability

Since 2013, we’ve been at the forefront of traceability by auditing our sourcing factories long before it became an industry standard.

Ethical Brilliance: More than Just a Stone

When you partner with EL-RAN, each diamond has undergone a stringent Traceability Audit. You’re not just purchasing a gem but an ethical beauty.

When Precision Meets Passion

Our in-house gemological lab, aligned with Renowned Gemological Institutes, offers you more than quality; it offers you peace of mind.

The EL-RAN Experience: Beyond Expectations

Your satisfaction is our mission. EL-RAN goes above and beyond to meet your needs with tailored assortments, comprehensive after-sales support, and a customer-centric approach.

Special Offer for New Partners

Join us and gain exclusive access to our curated selection of ethical, high-quality diamonds. Act now to seize this unique opportunity.

Take the Next Step in Ethical Diamond Sourcing

To explore the unparalleled EL-RAN difference, contact us today.